Nothing on these pages should be taken as legal advice for any individual situation.  The information is intended to be general and is not to be relied upon for any specific situation.    American Attorney Services" is the trading name of Kevin Michael Burke, Attorney and Notary in the practice of US law, including practice as a Florida and Ohio lawyer.

American Attorney Services, Our Offices 1, Yeowood Farm, Iwood Lane, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5NU, United Kingdom             - -               Telephone:   01934 837280

Telephone:   01934 837280
American Attorney Services, Our Offices 1, Yeowood Farm, Iwood Lane, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5NU, United Kingdom
Not every American law firm is based in London and does "M&A" or "transactional work.  Based in Bristol, we  focused on providing practical U.S. "high street" legal services from this side of the pond.
We have a straightforward objective.
We have experience.

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A law firm with international reach.

We aim to put our clients at ease, give clear legal advice in plain English, and provide practical and creative solutions to our clients' legal problems while offering the flexibility and responsiveness they deserve.
U.S. based firms have little or no experience in dealing with U.S. legal matters for non-U.S.  clients.  Being based in the U.K., we are aware of and experienced in dealing with the issues which often arise. 
Are you a solicitor or lawyer looking to instruct us on behalf of your client in relation to a U.S. matter?  Please click here.

American Attorney Services
Our Offices 1, Yeowood Farm, Iwood Lane
Wrington, Bristol BS40 5NU

Telephone:  01934 837280

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Florida Conveyancing
We have experience in representing British, Irish and European clients in purchasing Florida villas, condominiums, and commercial property.  We can help ensure  your unique needs as a non-US resident are addressed.
Signing Will
It is not only U.S. and Florida law & taxes which need to be considered in obtaining a will or trust but also those of your nation.  Your will or trust for the US should take into account the implications of estate planning for non-US residents,domestic trusts (QDOTs).
We have valuable experience in dealing with the ancillary Florida probates of British, Irish and other European citizens.  Our office is able to proceed expeditiously with such matters and to provide our clients with comprehensive advice.
Florida Probate
If you've been injured in an accident in the US, you will need to pursue compensation through a complicated foreign legal system.  You need someone who has your best interest in mind.  You need a negotiator who can speak on your behalf.
US. Personal Injury
Notarial Services
We provide Florida Civil Law and English Notary Public services. Save for notaries in US embassies, there are no "US notaries".  Notaries are appointed by their states and generally limited to acting in such state. 
We provide clear and impartial U.S. immigration advice to British, Irish and European individual and business clients and guiding them through the Immigration maze.  We are happy to serve your US immigrations needs.
You may, as an investor, business owner, or property owner, need to protect your financial interests from US-based parties. Licensed in Florida and Ohio, we can represent you in these states or find local attorneys to act on your behalf in other states. 
US Civil Litigation
US Immigration
Florida Wills & Trusts
American Attorney Services is a trading name of the firm's principal, Kevin Michael Burke.  Kevin has 22 years of experience as an American attorney, 15 years of which he practised in the U.K. representing British, Irish and European companies and individual clients.  Kevin practised as an English solicitor with Bennetts Solicitors, Attorneys & Notaries for 11 years until June 2010, when Kevin decided to set up this firm and practice solely in his capacity as a U.S. Attorney (Florida & Ohio), a Florida civil law notary, as a English notary public.  The US areas of law which we practice are set out on the left.  Please visit our UK legal services site here.

Who are our clients?

Bristol-based American Attorney Service works with small and medium sized businesses, families and individuals throughout the U.K., Ireland and Europe in providing U.S. legal and notarial services.  Being a small niche client-focused firm, we're not the typical U.S. firm practising in the U.K. 

What makes us stand out from our competitors?

1. Unlike our U.S. based competitors, we have years of experience in representing British, Irish and other European clients in U.S. legal matters, and have dealt with the many practical, legal and tax implications and issues arising in such representation.

2.  As a U.K. based U.S. law firm, we will understand you and your concerns and needs better than a U.S. based firm.

3.  As a U.K. based U.S. law firm, we are more accessible to you being in the same time zone for telephone consulations and being available for personal meetings.

4.  We utilise the latest up to date technology including SAAS applications (software as a service) for our practice management applications, document management, and accounts.

What can we do for you?

If you think you may need assistance with a U.S. legal matter this firm would be happy to discuss this with you to see if we can help.  If for some reason we cannot help we may be able to point you in the right direction.  Don't hesitate to call for fear of being charged, we offer free initial telephone consulations to new clients.
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