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A law firm with international reach.

Not every American law firm is based in London and does "M&A" or "transactional work.  Based in Bristol, we  focused on providing practical U.S. "high street" legal services from this side of the pond.

We have a straightforward objective.

We aim to put our clients at ease, give clear legal advice in plain English, and provide practical and creative solutions to our clients' legal problems while offering the flexibility and responsiveness they deserve.

We have experience.

U.S. based firms have little or no experience in dealing with U.S. legal matters for non-U.S.  clients.  Being based in the U.K., we are aware of and experienced in dealing with the issues which often arise. 

Bringing US legal services to the UK

We provide clear and impartial U.S. immigration advice to British, Irish and European individual and business clients and guiding them through the Immigration maze.  We are happy to serve your US immigrations needs, including EB-5 visas.
US Immigration
You may, as an investor, business owner, or property owner, need to protect your financial interests from US-based parties. Licensed in Florida and Ohio, we can represent you in these states or find local attorneys to act on your behalf in other states. 
US Civil Litigation
Florida Conveyancing

We have experience in representing British, Irish and European clients in purchasing Florida villas, condominiums, and commercial property.  We can help ensure  your unique needs as a non-US resident are addressed.
Signing Will
It is not only U.S. and Florida law & taxes which need to be considered in obtaining a will or trust but also those of your nation.  Your will or trust for the US should take into account your non-US residency, and tax treaty options.
Florida Wills and Trusts
We have dealt with ancillary Florida probates of British, Irish and other European citizens.  Our office is able to proceed expeditiously with such matters and to provide our clients with comprehensive advice.
Florida Probate

If you've been injured in the US, you will need to pursue compensation through a complicated foreign legal system.  You need someone who has your best interest in mind.  You need a negotiator who can speak on your behalf.
US. Personal Injury

How can we help you?

*  Is your UK business looking to expand into the USA?
*  Looking to emigrate to the USA and want to consider your options?
*  Are you looking for legal assistance in buying a property in Florida?
*  Seeking to bring or defend against a claim in Florida?
*  Suffered an injury in the USA?
*  Do you need a Florida will or trust?

It's not easy knowing who to go to for legal assistance in the UK for UK legal matters. For UK businesses and individuals who need US legal assistance it is only more difficult.  Where do you start?  Who do you go to?  If you are in the UK and are looking for US legal representation or advice, it's easy to leave things to a later date rather than sort them out.  Don't take chances however, you should take legal advice and actually know your viable options.

Feel free to give us a call.  We're in your time zone and should you wish, we are available for you to come to our offices to discuss your US legal matter in detail.

In addition to the above areas of Florida law, our practice also includes the establishment of partnerships and corporations, the defense of mortgage foreclosure, divorce or dissolution of marriage and family law, representation in the federal courts, etc.  We are qualified to provide advice as to Florida and Ohio law and offer a Florida civil law notary notarial capacity.  In relation to US immigration, American lawyers qualified in any state are authorised to practice immigration law nationally. The preparation of US Estate & Gift Tax Returns is a federal and not state matter. 
Aventria House, Stock Lane, Langford, Bristol, BS40 5ES, United Kingdom
Nothing on these pages should be taken as legal advice for any individual situation.  The information is intended to be general and is not to be relied upon for any specific situation.    American Attorney Services" is the trading name of Kevin Michael Burke, Attorney and Notary in the practice of US law.

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